Survival is not mandatory. It is not necessary to change.

- W. Edwards Deming

For any business to survive and prosper, the ability to change is essential.

Since 2005, the Anderson Moore Partnership has been providing its clients with sales opportunities and key market information to help them implement effective change.

How AMP can help you:

Increase your customer base

From lead generation, appointment setting to telesales and sales representation, AMP’s range of development packages increases your exposure to your prospects.

Investigate new domestic or international markets

Via the internet and telephone interviews, AMP carries out desk based research to help you assess which markets have the most potential for your business.

Find out how competitive you are

Through competitor surveys and mystery shopping, AMP provides you with a greater understanding of your competition.

Get feedback on a new product/service you are developing

AMP carries out preliminary market research to help you as you shape product design/service delivery and marketing process.

Gauge what your customers really think about you

Working through a concise customer survey, AMP gives you feedback on areas where change is perhaps needed to increase client retention.

Change your company’s image

AMP works with a number of associate businesses who can provide you with specialist marketing advice on how you can maximise the potential impact your promotional material.

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